In the offered services associated with alarm systems ( SSWiN and PPOŻ ) we put forward solutions by our experts in the range of:

Systems design :
  • client needs analysis
  • inspection of the place where the security supervision is to be
  • preparation of the alarm system scheme according to guidelines-for client needs
  • preparation of variant options
  • preparation of the designs documentation
Systems building :
  • examination of the need for the individual system parts
  • system building through joining the individual system parts
  • checking the correctness of the system functioning
  • making the system ready for montage
System montage :
  • making the place ready that is to be secured for system montage
  • montage of the individual system parts at the very place
  • joining the system parts in one whole
  • starting the system
  • verifying the system functioning
  • putting the system to you
System maintenance :
  • verifying the correctness of the system functioning
  • verifying the correctness of the individual system parts functioning,
  • possible incompatibility that later may cause malfunction
Long-distance monitoring system :
  • connection of the transmitter sending remote alarm signals
  • receiving the alarm signals
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