Dear customers,

Hunter Agency was founded in 2003. Taking the decision to provide the highest quality services with the guarantee of security, we decided to spread the range of our offer and obtained the concession on running the activity of person and property security.

The Agency’s founder is Ryszard Daniłow, and the firm has exclusively polish capital, both financial and in human resources. Now the firm has comprised the group of people associated directly or indirectly for many years with the branch of property security. The knowledge we have obtained for many years, makes us offer you services fully professional, fulfilling the highest requirements of yours. Our experience as well as our workers’ makes us ensure you the security at the highest levelsimultaneously fulfilling your expectations in this field. Counting on your cooperation, we invite you to get acquainted with our offer, and followingly take advantage of the offered services that were presented in the individual sections of the site.

"HUNTER" Ryszard Daniłow ul.Ślężna 146-148 53-111 Wrocław
tel. 500 687 274,
Koncesja nr L-0230/09 Działalność Gospodarcza nr 165240