We offer you the highest quality order services. In the range of keeping up green we perform various services dealing with taking care of order and organization within your objects. We perform our services with the due care and carefulness making use of the top class protection and care plant agents.

We take care in:
  • public places
  • green areas round offices, factories and other utility objects
  • municipal grounds

Furthermore in the range of our services we offer you the complex solutions dealing with:
  • designing
  • founding
  • keeping up

Choosing our offer you will receive a wonderful prominent symbol in the body of green grounds round your properties. We can provide the certainty that both guest, customers visiting your property and employees will admire your green enterprise.

"HUNTER" Ryszard Daniłow ul.Ślężna 146-148 53-111 Wrocław
tel. 500 687 274,
Koncesja nr L-0230/09 Działalność Gospodarcza nr 165240