For all those who unnecessarily must take advantage of the fairly costly solution which is stationary property security, we propose the form of PATROL GROUPS.

These units among with specially trained men are to patrol the ground indicated by you:
  • huge areas
  • areas belonging to great companies-usually areas after already non-existing large manufacturing firms ( i.e. Pafawag Wrocław, Stocznia Gdynia, etc )
  • widely accessible grounds
  • grounds of residence communities
  • municipal grounds
  • university, dormitory, campus grounds
  • objects belonging to one company located in different places
  • other objects in which Patrol Groups may be applied to give protection and security

If you take advantage of our services you will get the guarantee of your property safety. We guarantee that both you, your guests, workers will feel safe at your places, your work places, at leisure, as well as be easy about your property.

"HUNTER" Ryszard Daniłow ul.Ślężna 146-148 53-111 Wrocław
tel. 500 687 274,
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