The services in the field of property security offered by us are oriented to do actions at the highest level available at the security market.

The offer dealing with permanent security is directed to:
  • industry branch clients:
    security embraces: production areas, warehouses, storehouses, stock houses, office buildings, traffic areas, outer grounds, etc.
  • services branch clients:
    security embraces: shops, commercial workshops, spedition areas, spedition-stock house areas, offices, public utility buildings ( schools,offices ), fuel stations, gastronomy places.
  • building branch clients:
    security embraces: buildings, edifices, material storehouses, machines, appliances, building equipment, etc.
  • tourist branch clients:
    security embraces: hotels, motels, inns, camping fields, tourist and resort centers, transport stations, airports, ports, etc.
  • individual clients:
    security embraces: houses, buildings, flats, garages, farms, cottages, etc.

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